Monthly Archives: April 2015

It’s after 6 am and I’m contemplating playing Minecraft or Warframe.  I should be sleeping soundly, dreaming of a  pick axe in hand, mining that block of coal for the umpteenth time.  Instead my brain wants a hands on physical experience, not a virtual fantasy etched in my slumber.  I’m also craving a cup of coffee, which I’ve been deprived a proper cup for a couple of weeks now. Thanks Mr. Coffee.  Your brand new coffee maker was only a month old but decided to leap off to coffee maker heaven.  But I can’t have a woe is me attitude as the gracious staff at Mr. Coffee has sent me a replacement at no charge.  It’s sitting at a Fed Ex somewhere waiting for a label to get slapped on it.  Anyway, to get back to Minecraft or Warframe.  Minecraft wins this round.  Here’s to another successful mine.