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    Got a Mod or Prime you want to acquire or sell? Post it here to be added to the marketplace listing.


    Akbronko Prime bp      10p
    Bo Prime Ornament       9p
    Boar Prime Receiver     6p
    Boltor Prime Stock     12p
    Bronko Prime bp         6p
    Burston Prime Stock     8p
    Ember Prime Chassis    12p
    Ember Prime Helmet     15p
    Fang Prime BP           5p
    Fang Prime Blade        7p
    Hikou Prime bp         25p
    Hikou Prime Pouch       9p
    Lex Prime bp            9p
    Lex Prime barrel       12p
    Loki Prime bp          10p
    Loki Prime Helmet      15p
    Mag Prime systems      12p
    Mag Prime Chassis       3p
    Nova Prime bp          15p
    Nova Helmet            30p
    Nyx Systems            55p
    Orthos Prime bp         5p
    Orthos Prime Handle    20p
    Paris Prime bp         10p
    Paris lower limb        5p
    Rhino bp               37p
    Rhino Helmet           15p
    Sicarus bp              4p
    Sicarus Barrel          7p
    Soma Prime bp          25p
    Soma Prime receiver    40p
    Vasto Prime Barrel     13p
    Wyrm Prime Carapace    25p
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    Bronco Prime Receiver (1)- 5 plat

    Ember Prime Helmet Blue Print (2) -15 plat

    Nyx Prime Blueprint (1) -20 plat

    Nyx Prime Systems Blueprint(2) -55 plat

    Volt Prime Helmet Blueprint (1)-50 plat

    Vasto Prime Barrel (1)- 13

    To purchase these items please notify Itsa_me_mg as he has these items in his inventory. Thank you.


    Akbronco Prime BP (2)

    Boar Prime Stock (1)

    Fang Prime Blade (2)

    Fang Prime BP (1)

    Ember Prime Helmet BP (2)

    Dakra Prime Blade (1)

    Hikou Prime Pouch (1)

    Hikou Prime Stars (1)

    Nyx Prime Chasis (1)

    Orthos Prime Blade (1)

    Paris Prime BP (1)

    Paris Prime Lower Limb (5)

    Sicarus Prime Barrel (2)

    Sicarus Prime BP ( 1)

    Soma Prime Receiver (1)

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